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We make startups happen

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Open the door to the global startup ecosystem
Join our accelerator now!

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Our Programs

Accelerate Program
5 months

Program aimed at accelerating teams through their MVP stage and getting them investor-ready

Incubation Program
6 months

Program aimed at driving balanced teams through ideation, analysis, and MVP creation

Academy program
4 months

Offers a unique educational platform that aims to make Azerbaijan more sustainable in the global market.


Access the world's greatest minds

Join the SABAH.lab ecosystem and get access to the brightest minds in the world's leading educational and corporate institutions.

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Baku Investment Day

Baku ID (Baku Investment Day) is the main startup & innovation event in Azerbaijan created by SABAH.lab Acceleration Center that aims to drive the ecosystem forward. During this event, you will have the opportunity to see the best startup projects and discuss the future of the innovations ecosystem by gathering both local and international investors, mentors, and experts as well as any contributors to the global ecosystem.

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Our Community 

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