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A program that aims to help form your startup idea as well as your team and prepare you for the next stage of development - acceleration & investments

Main Features

Preparation for acceleration

During this program, you will get a chance to work on your startup idea and increase your chance of getting accepted to acceleration.

3 months' timeline

The program will last for 3 months.

Access to all perks of SABAH.lab

Startup curriculum and mentorship, access to an investors’ pool, office space, online library of information and other resources will support you drive your idea forward.

Accepting both team and individual applications

SABAH.incubation accepts applications both as teams and individuals. 

Timeline 6 months

Admission Process



Applicants fill out the application form on our website.


Application Screening

SABAH.incubation team screens the applications.


Meeting with SABAH.incubation team

The team calls the selected applicants and provides detailed information about the program.

8 fundamental steps to go through by SABAH.incubation


Team Formation


Launching website


Idea Picking


Fitting the product to market for people’s usage


Planning for achieving success


Measurement of success through feedbacking


Creation of corporate branding


Launching business

Baku Investment Day

For startups, it is a chance to pitch their ideas to investors where they will showcase their business models and present their MVPs developed during the acceleration period.


For investors, it will be a chance to connect with early-stage start-ups and invest in supporting their growth before they become too expensive.

For guests, it is an opportunity to become a part of a huge global startup network.

Baku Investment Day: July 18, 2022

Access the world's
brightest minds

Join the SABAH.lab ecosystem and get access to the brightest minds in the world's leading educational and corporate institutions.

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