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Scale your startup through our curated programs

Choose a program that fits your startup's needs and let us help you show the road to success


Our Programs

"Accelerate" Program
5 months

Program aimed at accelerating teams through their MVP stage and getting them investor-ready

Build Program
6 months

Program aimed at driving balanced teams through ideation, analysis, and MVP creation

*Applications are Currently Closed*

3 months

Program aimed to help form startup idea, team and prepare for the next stage of development

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I apply to the program?
    Its very simple, just hit the apply button anywhere on our website and follow the instructions on the application form. If you have additional questions, just drop up a message!
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for the programs?
    There is no age requirement! Entrepreneurial spirit has no age restrictions and neither do we.
  • How do I get the investment promised by SABAH.lab
    We have the opportunity to invest into every start-up that is accepted into our programs, however it is up to the co-founders to show our team that they are dedicated and committed to their start-up journey and their idea is worth investing into. Our Executive and Advisory Boards will review every team midway through their journey and decide whether the idea and the team are investable.
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