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5 tools to use during the development of startups

Undoubtedly, the development period of each startup cannot be imagined without the use of certain tools. In this period, the main concern of the entrepreneur is to keep the start-up costs as low as possible. With the help of the best tools, it is possible to minimize some of the operating costs.

Several tools and resources are available that not only help minimize start-up costs but also help the startup team deliver effective work while saving time.

In today's blog, we will share with you 5 effective tools that will contribute to the development of your startup. So, let's move on!

1. Trello:    Businesses were not exempt from the effects of digitization. Trello has developed into a platform for managing tasks and projects online that is useful for organizations in recent years. Without navigating between applications, Trello's users can collaborate with team members and do project-related activities. Users can quickly and easily check a task's status, who it is assigned to, and its present state. However, how can entrepreneurs use it? In a very convenient way! Because of how simple it will be to change the status of these activities and transfer them from one person to another on this platform, they are ideal for startups that value flexible management.

2. Wix:

The creation of a website or application, whether before or after a startup enters the market, is one of its primary pillars. One of the practical possibilities for professional website development, application building, and certain optimizations is Wix. Its features make it stand out, including unlimited typefaces and website layouts. The Wix platform makes it simple for you or your team to make any changes to your site because of its user-friendly features.

3. Google Analytics:

Tasks are in progress, your website or application is launched, and now all that's left to do is boost revenue! You may use Google Analytics to boost sales and effectively implement and track your digital marketing strategy. Google Analytics, one of the platforms that marketers love the most, is one of the best tools available for managing campaigns, analyzing user activity, and keeping a close eye on your website and sales conversion.

4. Canva:

The way to be active on social media platforms is through successful content. However, sometimes creating this successful visual is not possible due to certain resource constraints. With its quality elements, free templates, and tools, Canva can play a decent role in the development of your content creation startup. The site's premium package also offers a number of additional benefits and features.

5. Hubspot:

Choosing between "performing all business activities on one platform with little expense" or "getting membership from each platform separately" is a decision that entrepreneurs in the Acceleration stage occasionally have to make. If you have to make such a decision and you want to achieve high quality while keeping costs to a minimum, Hubspot, which has been useful for years, can help you! This service-integrated platform may aid you in implementing all of your services at a reasonable and reliable cost, including CRM, project management, mail marketing, etc.


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